Apple Incident Leaks Surprise New Update for iPhone

Apple Incident Leaks Surprise New Update for iPhone
Apple's iPhone 12 (concept render) will not be the first or even second new iPhone to launch in ... [+] EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO

Apple Incident Leaks Surprise New Update for iPhone

Apple did it all over again! The company mistakenly announced its first new 2020 iPhone last week and now another brand-new device has been announced by a second Apple mistake.

Picked up by the sleuths at 9to5Mac, Apple mistakenly left details of a new 5.5-inch beta-coded iPhone for iOS 14 to launch next to the highly awaited iPhone 9/iPhone SE2. That means in just weeks* the new models will arrive.

03/18 Update: AppleInsider has obtained additional information from Apple's spoileric iOS 14 code with news that the much-leaked new Time of Flight (ToF) camera sensors included in the iPhone 12 line-up will in reality be installed only in the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.For iPhone 12 users, the impact of this is unlikely to be felt mainly in the camera (as mentioned previously), but rather in Augmented Reality due to the capacity of the ToF to precisely map its immediate environment in three dimensions. AR is known to be a big part of Apple's iPhone and iOS campaign this year, which would be a deal-breaker for those who wanted to buy the cheaper iPhone 12. That said, for many, I expect it to be another example of Apple correctly eliminating features from the entry-level model that most mainstream users won't mind giving up on. In addition, despite the primary updates of the iPhone 12, there's no chance that this will still be the best selling device for Apple.

9to5Mac notes that Apple's iOS 14 code twins this 5.5-inchiPhone with the 4.7-inch iPhone 9 (still called TBC) and is supposed to be anything like' iPhone 9 Plus.' Although the naming remains speculative, the change will see Apple essentially reviving the branding used from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8 and both the new models are understood to follow their older design, along with Touch ID instead of Face ID. That said, their primary specs would be cutting-edge.

[caption id="attachment_284" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Apple Incident Leaks Surprise New Update for iPhone Apple's iPhone 9 (renders based on leaks) ONLEAKS / IGEEKSBLOG[/caption]

9to5Mac says evidence suggests that both budget models would run the same ballistically fast A13 Bionic chip that was used in the iPhone 11. In addition, previous reports say that the phones could also use the main camera in the iPhone 11 line-up-although fitted with just one rear camera. And then there is the quality that's the real clincher.

Pricing rumors also peg the iPhone 9 range as starting at just $399 which would mean the line-up is eminently affordable despite carrying the market's fastest phone chipset and (possibly) the best cameras. Downsides: At this price point, 5 G will not make the cut and the headphone jack will not make a comeback (that died with the iPhone 7).

Moreover, those phones are only an appetizer to the main course of Apple: the iPhone 12. The 2020 showpiece from Apple will offer MacBook Pro-like results, a fourth camera, new Advertising displays using next-gen OLED panels and potentially custom-made 5 G antennas from Apple. The elephant in the room is COVID-19, of course, but when it comes to the announcement of both the iPhone 9 line-up (expected at the end of March) and the iPhone 12 versions (expected at the beginning / mid-September), the picture remains very fluid.

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