Apple vows to fix its simply defeated iPhone parental controls a virus lets kids connect with anyone who contacts them.

Apple vows to fix its simply defeated iPhone parental controls a virus lets kids connect with anyone who contacts them.

It is tough to enforce healthy boundaries for your children when it comes to their smartphones and a gadget, even tougher is trying to impose a strong “NO” on unsuitable apps.
Kids are well informed these days and with the internet freely available they can Google or YouTube their way around the parental “healthy boundaries.” For a number of parents, this fact alone has encouraged them to give up even trying to impose boundaries.

We know that iOS 13.3 just launched recently with new parental controls, mainly a feature called Communication Limits. It's intended to block children from interacting with people not in their contacts except their parents allow them by typing code. But, the system can be simply beaten by a simple text message, according to a report from CNBC.

Here's how it functions

Let us suppose an unidentified person sends a text to your child's phone. If the contacts are stored locally in the phone but not in the Cloud, the Messages app suggests adding that unidentified person to the contacts. If your child agrees to that suggestion, the number is added and the unidentified person can call, FaceTime or text your child.
The way this feature should function is that when a child attempts to add a contact, a parent is expected to enter a passcode to grant its permission. On top of that, CNBC reported that a child can request Siri to call or text any number on an iPhone or Watch, avoiding the Screen Time limits.

This problem only happens on devices set up with a non-standard configuration, and a workaround is accessible. Apple is working on a comprehensive fix of this issue and is going to release an upcoming software update soon.
Apple has accepted the problem mentioned (above), but claimed it only happens if the phone is in a "non-standard configuration." However, the company is working on a comprehensive plan to fix or stop it from happening. On the other hand, user can make it work appropriately by allowing contacts to sync with iCloud by opening the settings, scrolling down to "Contacts," selecting "Default Account" and shifting it to iCloud. The user can also place the phone in "Downtime" modes, which will also stopover a kid from adding any contacts.

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