Huawei Mate X: A Detailed Review of this foldable phone

Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X: A Detailed Review of this foldable phone

After a detailed review of Huawei Mate X, we can say that this foldable Android device is damn cool.
The Mate X's bendable OLED screen folds backward by itself, in contrast to Samsung's Galaxy Fold, which closes itself like a book, or the Razr, which folds like an old clamshell phone. This feature enables the user to have the entire 8-inch display even when the phone is closed. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, there is no inner Mate X display.

The folding display just looks incredible. The way the screen turns back around itself, without any distortion to the images is overwhelming. Apart from the phone’s ability to draw attention by folding backward, that big screen also splits in half to give you a 6.6-inch display in its consistent, "closed" phone format. As a result, videos and photos appear great, mainly because there's no notch disturbing the view.

Mate X's design is relaxed to use. It's broader than the Fold and much thinner in its shut form, The OLED display is bright, exciting and pin-sharp. It is quite comfortable to watch videos in phone mode, but it's when you fold the phone into its occupied 8 inches then videos become meaningfully more immersive.

The display is enclosed in plastic, not glass, to allow it to bend. There is no appearance of the ripples on the screen to distract the user. The folding hinge of the phone is a bit stiff. Twisting it backward from its tablet mode feels like you have to bend it more than it really needs. A physical hook holds it strongly in its phone form and there's an easy-to-reach button that you'll press to release it and fold back out. The Fold and Razr use magnets to endure the shut condition, but I consider the Mate just depends on the hook.

The cameras are located in a vertical side-bar, which is a handy gripping point when unfolded in tablet mode. The cameras don't disturb the display with notches, not even for selfies, as the user turns the phone over and takes those with the core camera. The camera lineup is similar to Huawei's P30 Pro: a standard lens, a zoom lens that offers 3x and 5x zoom, a super wide-angle lens and a fourth "time of flight" sensor for complex processing. The camera results are awesome and principally in the portrait mode. Exposure seemed great through the board and it practices the same night mode that was available on Huawei's previous flagship phones, being capable to take bright, sharp images in dark night-time scenes.

The phone runs Huawei's latest Kirin 980 octa-core processor has a 4,500-mAh battery with all-day battery life, 512GB of inner storage and 8GB of RAM. The inner specs are significant here. The Huawei Mate X is more about that fold but unfortunately, it's only available in China.


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