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Jennifer Garner Forbids Ben Affleck From Letting Kids Meet Ana De Armas?

Is Jennifer Garner refusing to let Ben Affleck introduce Ana De Armas to their kids? That's the reporting from a tabloid this week. Gossip Cop looked into the matter and we've determined that the story is untrue.

In Touch reports that Garner doesn't want ex-husband Affleck to introduce his new romantic interest, De Armas, to their three children. Ever since the new couple was spotted vacationing in De Armas' home country of Cuba, it's been clear that things are getting serious between the Deep Water co-stars. So serious, reports this tabloid, that Affleck is ready to introduce his kids to De Armas.

The kids' mother, however, is against the move, claims an anonymous source. "Jen doesn't want to disrupt things by allowing different women to come in and out of their lives." Though Affleck protests that his relationship with De Armas "isn't like the others, that he's in it for the long haul," Garner reportedly won't relent. "Jen's heard it all before," tattles the supposed tipster.

The article then goes into Affleck's dating history, noting both Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus and Playboy model Shauna Sexton as proof of his romantic instability. Despite all that, Affleck "accused Jen of having double standards" because she'd introduced the kids to her boyfriend, John Miller, "fairly early." This accusation allegedly infuriated Garner "because she hasn't had ups and downs like Ben, and John's the only serious boyfriend she's had since she and Ben split."

In spite of the apparent animosity between ex-spouses on the subject of Affleck's new girlfriend, the outlet is quick to say that this supposed fission between ex-spouses is not because of De Armas herself. "Jen's actually relieved Ben has someone else to lean on instead of her," the source proclaims. "What concerns her is the age gap and Ben's history of jumping into relationships."

Completely contradicting the outlet's claim that Affleck is eager to introduce De Armas to the kids, the insider insists, "Ben is not in a rush to introduce anyone to the kids." But it's "only a matter of time," the outlet continues. So what is the truth? The tabloid is wishy-washy at best.

This isn't the first outlet to publish a story of this nature that Gossip Cop has busted, which just makes busting this story all the easier. Just two days ago, we busted In Touch’s sister publication, Life & Style, for falsely reported on the exact same story, claiming Garner was deeply against Affleck's plans to have the kids meet De Armas. We reached out to Affleck's rep for a comment on both stories. His spokesperson, who’s qualified to speak on the actor’s behalf,  confirmed with us that the report was nonsense. A source close to De Armas also said they had no knowledge of the supposed drama mentioned in the article.

Tabloids have been obsessed with Affleck and De Armas ever since news broke that they became a couple. In Touch, in particular, has dedicated a lot of print space to phony speculation about them. Just a few weeks ago, they reported that Affleck's friends warned the actor that De Armas would break his heart. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to the situation who assured us that none of Affleck's friends were speaking about the couple's relationship to the tabloid. This newest story is just another in a long line of the tabloids relying on conjecture and untrue gossip to fill their pages.

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