Launch of foldable 5G Mate X delayed by Huawei

5G Mate X Huawei
Image : Huawei

Launch of foldable 5G Mate X delayed by Huawei

That's right folks, if you looked forward to launching the $2,600 worth of Huawei Mate X backed by the new 5 G technology, you might have to stay patient for a while longer.
According to TechRadar's confirmation after attending today's press conference at Huawei's Shenzhen headquarters, there is almost no chance of a September launch as stated earlier. Alternatively, in November, the organization hopes for a deadline.

The announcement follows a previous extended release date in June and postponed Mate X's release to September. Huawei notes that the smartphone is not going to be released until November, but is confident this year it will be released.
Reasons as to what caused the delay–let's take a guess here–must be about the fact that the handset, uh, folds.
Now that Huawei has pushed back it's launch, it seems that Samsung will be the first to release it's Galaxy Fold after some of the review samples broke in for a delay, too. (Maybe because they fold, you know.)

Samsung is set to announce that it's Galaxy Fold somewhere in September last someone learned of it. Samsung is seen to be assured that the practical use of the foldable gadget will be possible without any obstacles after all the drawbacks have been eliminated.

Returning to Huawei, potential buyers may find this because at the press conference held the company dodged questions about an upcoming planned sequel to the media. The sequel that could have even more cameras, as it is also seen that Huawei is working on a glass back. Yeah, stone. While 5G Mate X Huawei is going to have a steel back in line first. Glass panels claiming to be acting as double touchscreens. One might wonder if the price tag will double as well.

This crazy idea can sound impossible and may never be published –wild speculation. But then again, it was foldable madness that saw some of the work done. It's going to be one hell of an engineering challenge but it's going to be a success if it's seen through.

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