Millions Of iPhone Users gets a New Warning from Apple

Millions Of iPhone Users gets a New Warning from Apple

Yesterday Apple was caught in the act of misleading the millions of iPhone users. The organization has acknowledged that the settings in millions of iPhones are manipulative regarding their use of location data, and the organization’s assurance to resolve the issue. A research published by security specialist Brian Krebs revealed that Apple’s new iPhone is seeking information about the location of users even when they have specifically changed the phone’s privacy settings to stop this event from occurring. This finding of Krebs disrupts the company’s own privacy policy.

As a reaction, Apple primarily rejected the findings (which Krebs has presented in a video) as “expected behavior”. But recently the organization has altered its tune, issued a warning for the users that the range’s new Ultra wideband chip is behind the related checks:

“Ultra wideband technology is a business standard technology and is themed according to international governing requirements. This Ultra wideband technology is needed to be turned off in specific locations,” stated by Apple in a warning issue. “iOS uses Location Services in order to decide if an iPhone is in the forbidden locations in order to deactivate ultra wideband and to obey with regulations.”

Apple further explained that the administration of ultra wideband compliance and its usage of location data are done completely on the device and Apple is not gathering user location data. Now this is something that early research backs up. 

 However, Apple’s next course of action sounds weird .The organization has stated it had to follow international regulatory requirements, but now Apple says the background location checks will be disabled in an upcoming iOS update. This statement meant this action didn’t need to be done in the first place.

These actions of Apple have raised suspicions among the users who are concerned of their privacy. Especially when issue has risen just months after Apple has confessed that it hired contractors to secretly listen to Siri audio snippets recorded by owners’ iPhones.

Moreover, a whistleblower has also exposed they heard audios including personal medical information, drug dealings and recordings of couples having sex. Apple consequently made an apology, shut down the center and assured to provide users with privacy setting which would allow them to delete their Siri recordings in a future iOS update. The update will arrive in the form of iOS 13.2.

Personally I believe that users should be less concerned this time around because these new background location checks and the Siri recordings are totally different things. Moreover, the company’s own Privacy Page claims “At Apple, we consider privacy is a basic human right.”



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