Offer from Samsung Galaxy Note10: Bring your handset to any US mobile outlet and save $200.

Samsung Galaxy Note10

Offer from Samsung Galaxy Note10: Bring your handset to any US mobile outlet and save $200.

A 12 percent discount on any one-year subscription plan form! .The latest phone is available worldwide for pre-order. Once the launch was released, several carriers offered incentives to customers to help them save their money after investing a heavy amount on the device. Nearly all of them have a trade-in, common lease/service plan, or both, after most offers.

That's how the scheme works: a person buys their US Mobile SIM card together with the NOTE10 promo code. The customer remains with US Mobile every month, he or she will earn a $16.67 discount on any service plan they want. After 12 months, total savings: $200!

For this deal, there is no clear arrangement, no hard and fast rules. If at any time the person decides to withdraw, he or she is entitled to do so and is not bound by any legal obligation. The user will be automatically switched to their standard package/rate after that first year is completed.

The US Mobile company offers customized as well as predefined offers for GSM LTE and Super LTE networks, i.e. For T-Mobile and Verizon. Clearly, Super LTE offers better coverage and additional benefits such as visual voicemail and VOICE-OVER-LTE. To offer the Cheapskate an example: Unlimited talk plus the text with 10 GB of high-speed data at 5Gbps, for just $40 a month (excluding taxes). Cheapskate-exclusive deal price per month: $23.34. That's fair enough? Totally.

Although the worldwide shipping for the latest Note 10 hasn't been initiated by Samsung, the option for ordering the US Mobile Kit which comes with both GSM and Super LTE SIM card. (Shipment of $3.99)

Remembering here is to use the promo code Samsung Galaxy NOTE10 during checkout and to go through the frequently asked questions on the promo page thoroughly.Once the user receives their phone, they simply need to trigger their US Mobile account using the additional code subsequently given via email, insert the SIM card and voila! Up and running.

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