Qualcomm launches the XR2

Qualcomm launches the XR2 platform for VR and 5G-connected AR devices

Qualcomm launches the XR2 platform for VR and 5G-connected AR devices

The Snapdragon Boondoggle Summit in sunny Maui, Hawaii, Qualcomm declared today the launch of its XR2 platform. Interestingly, it is described as the “world’s first 5G-supported extended reality (XR) platform.” The organization’s previous XR1 platform, which already powers a number of VR and AR devices, will stay in the market and is now styled as Qualcomm’s XR platform for mainstream customers, while XR2 is intended to show “next-level features which consumers have never experienced before.”

XR2 also brings the company’s 5G modem and AI improvements to provide support up to seven cameras for passing-through HoloLens-style mixed reality and stable standalone VR experiences. Using this setup, the XR2 also provides 26-point skeletal hand tracking and, of course, a precise environmental mapping.

The XR2 also backs up the display panels with a 3K by 3K resolution at 90 frames per second. It also supports up to 8K 360-degree videos at 60 frames per second, all these using custom silicon to keep the potential of these panels very low.

On the other hand, it is rumored that AR/VR still remains somewhat debatable. Qualcomm believes that AR and VR had a good time during 2019 and started breaking out of the customer gaming space. “I think when the hype took place back in 2014/15, it was more than these customer gaming experiences. Now we see more and more enterprise applications coming to the market. We believe that 2019 was a key year where we witnessed this change taking place. According to Hugo Swart, the organization’s VP and Head of XR, the company had a number of proof points in both consumer and enterprise sector.

While considering the current advancements in technology, we’ve realized how important 5G will be for this market, because it will allow the user to stream high-quality video even at low latencies, which make AR/VR immersive. “5G is going to be essential for XR. We’ve spoken about this in the past times, that XRS video is the killer case for 5G,” stated by Hiren Bhinde, director of product Management at Qualcomm. “Next year, on the world’s first 5G access platform, we are enthusiastic to see how different content developers, as well as different video streaming services with high-resolution videos, might be competent enough to deliver their high-bandwidth content on devices built on XR2.”

Qualcomm launches the XR2 platform for VR and 5G-connected AR devices
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