The Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets

iPhone Gadgets

The Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets

Introducing the most expensive iPhone gadgets which will make you say, "Take all my cash!"
We know that iPhones are one of the most demanding phones in the market, and they surprise the users with every other new model they launch. An iPhone user cannot be satisfied by simply buying an iPhone. He/she always looks for the most badass model of the iPhone by searching for more options.

iPhone comes with the colorful and fancy world of cases, Apple Watch, Air Pods, and earphones. These gadgets serve a little treat to your phone and are never enough. The market has a number of options that are pocket-friendly but this article focuses on iPhone gadgets that are ridiculously expensive for your pocket.

If you want to have a look at some of the most expensive iPhone gadgets, here's a list.

1. Louis Vuitton Golden Crocodile Case
The dazzling phone case of Louis Vuitton costs only $5,050. It sounds quite crazy, but there are some elite users for whom it's just a case that will be thrown in a drawer or corner of a room after a couple of months

2. Gresso Diva Design iPhone Case
If I say it’s a diva case for divas only, then I would be right. This case only costs $7,700. It consists of 15 diamonds and 18K gold implanted. For some middle-class people, it's the monthly expense of a 4-people-family, while for some elites it's just a decorative phone case. Here we have to find do these 15 diamonds make the phone more secure than a regular phone case?

3. Alter Ego Aurora iPhone Case
This cool Alter Ego phone case will is special in itself. The price is not shocking because it costs $2,807. It is made of titanium metal so there is no doubt that it can provide great protection to the phone. If you are concerned more about your phone protection than your home, you can avail of this phone case instead of installing security cameras at your home.

4. The Billionaire's Club iPhone Case
The case I am talking about here is not that expensive, I mean it's quite expensive matched to most of the phone cases in the world, but in the current article list, it looks like it's the most economical gadget in the world. It costs $549. It offers both gold and silver colors, so it’s up to you which one you will opt for. You do not have to be a billionaire to buy this case. You can get this case simply if you have enough money.

5. Buccellati iPhone Cover
It's obvious that everyone would fall in love with this case, particularly a Leonardo da Vinci fan, since da Vinci's sun was the motivation for the design of this cover. It's a lovely gold case with silver star-like items on it, which make it quite sophisticated and stylish to carry around. It'll catch a lot of attention, once you hold it, but after giving $208,000 for a case, you deserve some attention for sure. No, you didn't see it wrong; it's really a six-figure for a cover, silly right?

6. Brikk 18K Gold Apple Watch
Apple Watch has started to gain popularity for the past few years. The popularity is quite obvious as you can manage a lot of work from your Apple watch. It can be impractical for some, but it's, in fact, one of the coolest and most beneficial Apple gadgets you can have. If you want to make it expensive, then you should buy this Apple watch in 18k yellow gold, which only costs $73,995. It's your call to decide if it's worth it or not; to expend your annual income on a watch.

7. Brikk Earphones
If you want to get some stylish earphones then you should totally go for this pair. Of course, it's not so easy to get it since its $14,995 but if you want to spend your kid's college fund on something efficient and won't call you boomer in the future, you can buy these earphones.

8. Brikk AirPods 2
AirPods provide ease that we are eager to have nowadays. You don't have to handle restraints; you don't have to move around with a huge pair of headphones too. It's the most comfortable way to listen to music, watch movies, or just to appear cool. The Brikk AirPods are the stylish looking AirPods out there; though, they offer a little downside; they insanely cost $6,995 and $12,995 for the deluxe ones.

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