Here is a list of Emobituner Team

David Jones – Editor
I am the Chief Editor for The Emobituner. I am here with a vision to bring The Emobituner to more people and will not stop until we reach that goal.David Jones is a technology passionate, looking forward to imparting the spectrum of his insight and verdicts on the ‘Technology-driven world’ of today.

Contact: (+1) 609-629-8453

Jack ThomsonJack Thomson – Reporter
I have been working as a reporter for some time now and am now working with the Emobituner to provide valuable news of Games and Technology to the community of Emobituner.
Contact: (+1) 896-067-6974

Kirsten RoseKirsten Rose – Author
I am an Author for Emobituner. I am a big Technology Nerd and loves to write about them. I take pride in my work and tries to write the best articles for you.
Contact: (+1) 873-801-5781

Denise RobinsonDenise Robinson – Author
I am one of the authors for The Emobituner. I love to write about games and spread my love of gaming to others.
Contact: (+1) 517-536-3460

For More information about our team members please visit the site www.emobituner.com anytime.

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