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Bindi Irwin Moved Her Wedding Up Because She’s Pregnant?

Did Bindi Irwin move up her wedding date to Chandler Powell because she’s pregnant? That’s what one tabloid has claimed this week. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

An article in the latest issue of Woman’s Day makes some pretty wild speculations about the star conservationist’s recent marriage to her boyfriend of six years. Irwin and Powell were married last week at the Australia Zoo in a private ceremony. A so-called “insider” tells the tabloid that the nuptials were “rushed forward” to beat the Australian federal government’s recently-imposed limit of five people at weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic, which took effect the day after Irwin and Powell tied the knot.

Now the tabloid is questioning whether they didn’t move it up for a different reason after “many puzzled fans” apparently asked why Irwin didn’t wait until the government’s restrictions were lifted. “Rumor is going around the family that Bindi and Chandler got married so quickly because they’re having a baby,” says a tipster supposedly close to Powell’s family in the US. “Bindi’s a lovely girl and we all know her well,” another anonymous “source” from Irwin’s side tells the outlet. “They’d make great parents.” The story may have been the result of a statement from Irwin’s family gave the tabloid, stating there would be a “special project that will ensure Bindi and Chandler’s wedding is shared with everyone.”

We can’t say for sure that Irwin isn’t pregnant, but it’s clear that the tabloid’s article is based on some pretty flimsy evidence. First off, Gossip Cop isn’t sure what the outlet means when it says that “many puzzled fans” are speculating she’s pregnant. As far as we can tell, nobody else – not fans, not even other unreliable celebrity news outlets, no one – is making that claim. Irwin and Powell moved their wedding up just ten days from April 4 to March 25, as Powell explained in an Instagram post. It seems extremely unlikely that the couple would move up their wedding day just ten days in order to somehow accommodate a pregnancy.

And while Gossip Cop can’t confirm for a fact what the “special project” is that the spokesperson was referring to, we’re pretty sure it’s not a baby, and not just because it would be really, really weird for Irwin’s rep to call her pregnancy a “special project” that would be “shared with everyone.” But both Irwin and Powell have taken to Instagram to promote a special “Bindi & Chandler” wedding candle to commemorate the moment and to raise funds for the Australia Zoo. “We are excited to extend the celebrations to everyone,” Powell wrote. So please forgive us if we don’t quite buy into the theory that Irwin and Powell moved their wedding up because of a secret project/pregnancy.

This isn’t the first phony rumor about Irwin and Powell that Gossip Cop has busted Woman’s Day on. Last November, the tabloid ran two bogus stories about the couple: first, that Irwin was calling off the engagement due to the stress of intense family drama. That claim was obviously false. That story was followed up with another bogus allegation that Irwin and Chandler had been “fighting nonstop” since their engagement. If it wasn’t obvious that these stories were total nonsense at the time, it should be pretty clear now.

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