Bowel cancer warning – Dr Zoe explains the signs and symptoms of a tumour in your poo

Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers to be diagnosed in the UK. After the tragic death of US actor Chadwick Boseman last weekend, ITV This Morning's Dr Zoe Williams explained the signs and symptoms you should know about.

"When it comes to symptoms of bowel cancer, the most important thing is that it's detected early," said Dr Zoe. "When it's detected early, it's almost always cureable.

"It doesn't always give people symptoms, but the symptoms that it can give are really anything that's different.

"So when it comes to your bowel habit - your poo - it could be anything that's different. It could be that you're going more often than you're used to, or you're constipated.

"The consistency has changed; it's either really hard or really soft. Obviously, if there's blood in the poo is the one that people are aware of."

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