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Coronavirus: Trump considers clamping down on air travel but opposes nationwide stay-at-home order

Donald Trump announced he is considering clamping down on domestic air travel – especially flights between cities hit hardest by coronavirus – but he made clear he opposes issuing a national stay-at-home order amid the pandemic outbreak.

The president said he and his administration are "thinking about doing that" when asked if he might order flights from cities like New York City and Detroit, which have large numbers of coronavirus cases.

Still, he did appear hesitant, saying: "To start these airlines again is very tough."

But, as always, he left himself ample wiggle room, saying "I'm certainly looking at it."

As he often does, Mr Trump toggled back-and-forth between his options on national television.

"But once you do that, you're really clamping down an industry that's desperately needed," he said of the American airline sector.

The vacillations, however, continued when the president went back to saying he is "very strongly" considering it.

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