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Did Angelina Jolie And Colin Farrell Ever Rekindle Their Relationship

Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell are not dating and have never dated, but at least two gossip outlets seemed to think they were, this time last year. Gossip Cop debunked both articles. Today, it’s even more clear how bogus the stories were.

RadarOnline kicked things off with the somewhat bizarre claim that Jolie and Farrell had “rekindled” their romance. The gossip site contended that the actors had dated during the filming of their 2004 film Alexander, but each one’s “wild” lifestyle had caused things to fizzle. But now that Farrell is apparently a “changed man,” a supposed insider claims that Jolie “would date him in a heartbeat.” Jolie had attended the premiere of Farrell’s film Dumbo the month before, which this tipster took as evidence that the two were back together.

That same week Radar’s sister operation, OK!, published almost the exact same story about Jolie and Farrell’s supposed romance: they had a fling during Alexander, but it didn’t go anywhere, but since Jolie brought four of her kids to the Dumbo premiere it must mean that they’re back together. “Angelina was really into Colin back then and has always considered him the one that got away,” said a tipster whose credibility is just as questionable as the previous story’s. This source added that the two were “both so excited to give their relationship another go and see what happens.”

Gossip Cop busted both stories as obviously false, for the exact same reasons. First, they never hooked up on the set of Alexander: Perez Hilton started that rumor back in 2013, theorizing that Jolie “settled” for Brad Pitt, but a source close to both actors dismissed the report as false. Second, Jolie bringing her kids came to the Dumbo premiere had nothing to do with Farrell: it’s a family movie, and Jolie has often brought her kids with her to movie premieres.

The passing year has brought absolutely no news of Farrell and Jolie’s supposed romance, but many more bogus rumors about Jolie’s dating life from every tabloid on the rack. Recently Gossip Cop has busted NW for falsely claiming that Jolie was pursuing Justin Theroux to get revenge on Jennifer Aniston for supposedly getting back together with Pitt (and please, don’t even get us started on those Pitt/Aniston rumors) and then that she was having a series of “casual hookups” with various women.

An especially unkind and unsubstantiated theme throughout multiple publications has been that Jolie is supposedly “struggling” to find love. She hasn’t publicly dated anyone since Pitt, but she’s also been focused on her career and life as a single parent with six children. She’s definitely not “rekindling” a romance with Colin Farrell.

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