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Did Lady Gaga Push Bradley Cooper Aside For Jeremy Renner?

Did Lady Gaga push Bradley Cooper aside for Jeremy Renner? That's the claim a tabloid made exactly one year ago. Gossip Cop determined that was false at the time and now, a year later, we're certain we made the right call.

In Touch reported 12 months ago that Gaga was in a "love triangle" with her A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper and Avengers: Endgame star Jeremy Renner. A highly suspect "insider" told the outlet that Gaga and Renner "have been spending a lot of time together." To back up this claim, the source listed two supposed hangouts, one in December 2018 after the opening of Gaga's Las Vegas residency show at the Park MGM, and again on March 14 after she performed at the Los Angeles venue Black Velvet Rabbit. Two times in four months doesn't seem like "a lot of time together" to us here at Gossip Cop, but we digress.

The seemingly phony source insists Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner really "hit it off" during that December hang out, but Gaga was "still engaged to Christian Carino at the time, so nothing happened." It couldn't be denied that there was "definitely chemistry" between the two of them, however. While this supposed romance was getting started, Lady Gaga's "crush on Bradley appears to be subsiding," leaving the Limitless actor feeling "bummed," the tipster tattled.

Gossip Cop had no issue busting this false rumor last year. It bears repeating that this tabloid's sister publication, Star, ran a similar story at the same time, claiming that Lady Gaga was torn between Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner. That story didn't mention anything about Gaga pushing Cooper aside. We noted that it was almost as if "In Touch and the other magazines owned by the same corporate parent are trying to play every angle of this purported ‘love triangle.'"

Despite the obvious contradictions that made it clear to us that the story was false, we reached out to Gaga's rep who informed us there didn't appear to be anything to these dating rumors. An article from E! News, a much more reputable source, also confirmed that nothing was going on between Renner and Gaga. This tabloid has absolutely no clue what is going on in Gaga's personal life, though that won't stop them from speculating wildly about it.

The obvious chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in their hit movie A Star Is Born led to dozens of tabloids concocting tales of their off-screen romance. Gossip Cop has reported on the rumors about them either dating or breaking up so many times, we compiled the choicest stories together. Still, new stories appear in the tabloids about their supposed relationship.

Earlier this year, the National Enquirer published an article claiming that Gaga is totally over Cooper now that she has a new boyfriend. "These days, it's ‘Bradley who?' for Gaga," a supposed source snitched to the outlet. "She was shattered when Bradley moved on after his relationship with Irina Shayk hit the rocks — especially after all the talk about their chemistry when they performed the movie's hit song, ‘Shallow,' together [at the Oscars]. But when Michael came along, all of that became ancient history!"

Gossip Cop looked into this story and determined it was totally false. As we've proven time and again, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were never in a romantic relationship. Gaga confessed to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that the two put on a flirty show during their performance at the Academy Awards, but that's all it was: a show. "We did a really good job at fooling everyone," Gaga said. "We created that." Tabloids really need to start getting the story straight when it comes to Cooper and Gaga.

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