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Did Lady Gaga Really Date Jeremy Renner Last Year?

Lady Gaga was never dating Jeremy Renner to make Bradley Cooper jealous. A tabloid alleged she was one year ago today. Gossip Cop debunked the bogus story, and now exactly 365 days later, it's even more unbelievable.

On April 2, 2019, NW claimed Gaga was in love with her former co-star, but she was "tired of waiting around" for him. The outlet stated Gaga was trying to make Cooper jealous by hooking up with his best bud, Renner. The magazine took this narrative a step further by saying Gaga was using Renner as a "pawn in her love game" but she was still longing for Cooper. The story was absurd and there was no truth to it.

For starters, while Renner and Cooper did star in the film American Hustle together and are friends, the two aren’t "best buds." Next, Gaga herself has spoken out regarding the tabloids continuous claims she and Cooper were more than just friends. Gaga went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to insist there was no "off-screen" romance between herself and Cooper. Furthermore, the more credible site, E! News confirmed that Renner and Gaga were not romantically involved.

Nothing about the premise is remotely true. The publication let its imagination run wild and created a dramatic tale that was clearly fabricated. Since Gaga and Cooper starred in A Star is Born, tabloids have continued to pair these two together and push a false narrative based outside reality. In fact, the story was suspiciously similar to another piece busted by Gossip Cop just days earlier.

Star published an article stating Gaga was torn between Cooper and Renner. A supposed “insider” told the outlet Gaga was "going over Renner's house often" and "leaving early in the morning". "Gaga's impressed with him. He might come across as arrogant, but she thinks he's highly intelligent and interesting," the alleged insider continued. The story was so far-fetched, Gossip Cop wasted no time setting the record straight. We checked with reps for Gaga who stated that she was just friends with Renner. Tabloids often lift stories from each other, and that appears to be the case here.

Also in March, NW drew our attention when it incorrectly stated Cooper was expecting a second child with Irina Shayk via surrogacy. The story stemmed from a photo that showed an unidentified woman carrying a baby into Cooper and Shayk's Los Angeles home. The magazine made up a false story claiming Shayk wanted to "keep her figure", leading to the decision to have another baby through surrogacy. Gossip Cop put the story rest by checking with our own source close to Cooper who confirmed it wasn't true. The couple broke up soon after and are co-parenting their only daughter together.

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