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Did Malia Obama Break Off Engagement To Rory Farquharson?

Malia Obama and Rory Farquharson have not broken off an engagement. A phony tabloid report claiming they have is problematic for a number of reasons. Gossip Cop can explain. A new story in the Globe is claiming Barack Obama's oldest daughter, Malia, has called off her supposed engagement with her boyfriend and Harvard classmate, Farquharson. The piece appears to be a follow up to another bogus article the same tabloid published in November, falsely claiming the two were engaged. Gossip Cop has investigated both claims and can find no evidence that the couple has ever been engaged, nor have they broken up now. Back in November, the outlet ran a story with the headline "Malia Obama's Getting Hitched!" The story quoted a supposed "insider" as saying, "Malia told friends they got engaged over the summer. She's excited. She has the ring, but she's too scared to wear it in public." The so-called insider didn’t fully explain why the former first daughter would be "scared" to wear the ring, but hints that it could because her parents didn’t know she was engaged. The dubious source asserts the Barack and Michelle "have met Rory and like him, but Malia and Rory haven't told them about the engagement yet." According to the tabloid, this is because Farquharson wants to have a man to man talk with the former president to ask his permission. The whole story made little sense. If Malia’s parents are fond of Farquharson, why would she keep the engagement a secret for months, as the story implies? Furthermore, Malia has never been spotted wearing a ring, even months after this story was first published. Are we to believe she never told her parents, even after the tabloid "broke" the story? It's very, very fishy. Flash forward to today and the paper is clearly attempting to cover its tracks by saying this fictitious engagement is now off. According to the unreliable tabloid, the wedding is off because Farquharson was "caught on camera cuddling another beauty." The outlet doesn't say where or when the accompanying blurry photo was snapped, nor who this "beauty" is. Instead, the publication quotes another supposed insider as saying, "Malia's devastated because she thought this was the man she was going to wed." The tabloid also reverses course on how Barack feels about Farquharson. Despite previously claiming Malia's parents "have met and like" their daughter’s boyfriend, now the outlet's source is claiming, "Barack is relieved the guy is gone. He never liked Rory and told Michelle he was a bad influence." Well, which is it, did they like him or not? The truth, the tabloid has no insight into the family at all. It's very convenient for the tabloid that the story was never covered anywhere else in the press, despite the high profile of both parties involved. Nothing about either story is remotely factual. Malia and Farquharson are not engaged at this time, nor have they ever been engaged. Sadly, it's not a surprise that the Globe would invent a narrative like this about the Obamas – it's not the first time it has. In October 2019, Gossip Cop debunked a phony report from the same paper that claimed the Obamas were getting a $150 million divorce. The cover of the publication read: "Barack Hires Divorce Lawyers!" and inside, the outlet purported he "hurled his ring at Michelle" and announced he was leaving. One month later, the same tabloid continued the same narrative, alleging Barack "slapped" Michelle with divorce papers, but only after "Michelle had divorce papers drawn up by her lawyers," according to an unnamed source. Neither story was remotely true, of course, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time. The former first couple is still very much married, and their daughter Malia doesn't appear to be getting hitched anytime soon. Source
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