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Did Nicole Kidman Collapse On The Set Of ‘The Undoing’?

Nicole Kidman did not collapse on set a year ago. A bogus story in a tabloid claimed the actress was in poor health, leading to her "fainting". Gossip Cop busted this story when it came out.

On April 1, 2019, New Idea shared photos of Kidman "falling" and "passing out" on the set of her HBO show, The Undoing. The outlet alleged this was because of the actress' poor health, with a "supposed" source stating, "Everyone is very worried about Nicole. She's been pushing herself so hard recently." The source continued, "With her hectic schedule, it's no surprise that it all became too much for her and she collapsed on set. It was very dramatic and only lasted a few seconds, but obviously, everyone was very concerned."

Gossip Cop wasted no time in clearing up this story. Kidman's fall was scripted for the show and part of a scene she was filming. There were photos of the actress landing safely on a mat to break her fall while filming the stunt. More reliable outlets had additional photos of the actress performing the stunt with a smile on her face and sitting up.

Furthermore, Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for Kidman, who dismissed the bogus claim. Kidman's friends weren't concerned about her health and the actress did not pass out on the set of the show. Even though the television drama has been pushed back to the fall of this year from May, it wasn't due to Kidman made-up health problems.

It’s no surprise that New Idea was debunked by us for incorrectly creating stories on Kidman in the past. Also in March 2019, the tabloid wrote a story about Kidman's husband, Keith Urban, being upset that their two daughters were extras in the same series. An insider told the outlet that Urban felt his wife"betrayed his wishes" and did not want their daughters "growing up too fast". We debunked this story by checking in with a rep for Urban, who assured us there was no truth to this narrative.

New Idea has been wrong about the couple's relationship a lot. The tabloid claimed in April 2018 that Urban and Kidman were getting a $413 million divorce. The outlet insisted the couple were having "problems" and elaborated that Urban "walked out" on his wife. We put this rumor to rest by going to a more credible source, a rep for Kidman, who confirmed the couple wasn’t having problems or getting a divorce.

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