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Did Ryan Seacrest Propose To Shayna Taylor On Valentine’s Day?

Did Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor get engaged on Valentine's Day? One tabloid alleges that it could’ve happened. Gossip Cop looked into this story and here's what we found out.

In February, OK! shared that Seacrest was going to pop the question. A source told the outlet that Seacrest was originally planning to ask Taylor during Thanksgiving, but got "cold feet". The supposed source shared, "Ryan has no doubts anymore and is telling friends he's ready – and could do it as soon as Valentine's Day!" The sketchy source then went on to share oddly specific details on how the American Idol host was going to propose to the chef.

"He's going to treat Shayna to a romantic dinner, then gets down on one knee. Ryan wants to make it a night Shayna will never forget – and make sure she knows how much he wants to marry her," the source added. As whimsical as this sounds, here's why it's hard to trust this narrative.

Taylor posted a cute photo of Seacrest and herself oon Valentine’s Day, with the caption, "Happy Valentine's Day my love. Safe to say it's never a dull moment being with you. Thank you for growing with me on this crazy journey of life. To many more years of happiness, travel, food and all our favorite things. Love you beyond the moon". Taylor's words signify that they are very much in love, but doesn’t state if they are engaged. Furthermore, there wasn't a ring on the chef's left hand, which was placed prominently on Seacrest's chest in the photo. There is no mistaking, there is no ring.

More recently, Seacrest displayed a throwback photo for Taylor's birthday. The host praised his partner with a sweet caption but once again, there wasn't any indication of an engagement or wedding. Given the current epidemic, a lot of upcoming plans have been affected. Seacrest and Taylor could be holding off on a wedding because of the coronavirus. However, neither one of them has confirmed anything in the media, or even on their social media. So while it could be true, it seems very unlikely at this point.

Frankly, it is impossible to trust OK! as it has a history of falsely reporting on celebrities’ supposed engagements. In November 2019, Gossip Cop busted a story claiming that Sandra Bullock was throwing an engagement party for Keanu Reeves. The publication insisted that Bullock was going to give her former co-star a party to celebrate his upcoming nuptials with his supposed fiance, Alexandra Grant. We dispelled this silly story, it’s not even confirmed that Reeves and Grant are even dating, much less engaged. It was just another bogus article busted by Gossip Cop.

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