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Doctor fighting coronavirus writes will in fear bug will kill her before wedding

A young US doctor has given her final wishes to her family in fear coronavirus will claim her life before she can wed her British fiance.

The 30-year-old medic Deena Elkafrawi is so terrified by the growing outbreak in her home of New York City that she has begun making preparations in case she dies.

Deena is due to wed Brit Richard Bayley, 35, in the UK this October, but she is concerned they won't make it that far, she told Metro.

NYC is emerging as a key epicentre of the global Covid-19 pandemic, with the statewide death toll approaching 2,000 today.

Gynecologisist Deena works as a senior registrar specialising in maternity care at the Lincoln Medical Centre in the Bronx, New York.

The growing crisis in the city has seen her drafted in to the frontline in the hospital's Covid-19 effort, and she has been working 12-hour shifts amid the crisis.

She told Metro it felt like medics were losing in a "bloodless war."

"I am scared that going to work could kill me. I just pray that if I get it  I can fight it. But I have told my family my end of life wishes and I don't know when I'll next see any of my family members again."

Deena told the newspaper she has told her fiance and her parents that if she does contract the virus and winds up brain-dead, she does not want to be resuscitated or put on life support.

She said: "I have seen people who are completely healthy drop dead like flies and I just don't know how I'll deal with it if I get the virus...I absolutely do not want to be resuscitated and my family know that."

Deena and Richard have reportedly planned a traditional church wedding in Oakham, Leicestershire.

She said she planned to wear a white long-sleeved lace dress for the wedding, which will be followed by a reception at an old carriage house in Stamford, where the 1995 BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was filmed.

But while the couple have yet to postpone their wedding, they are already been torn apart by the virus.

Richard has reportedly returned to the UK to keep him safe as he suffers from asthma.

Deena told Metro her fiance is "worried sick" about her, and the pair speak on the phone for hours every day.

Five 1,000-bed coronavirus hospitals are planned to open in New York City.

A medical Navy ship is docked at Manhattan ready to become a floating hospital to treat patients who don't have coronavirus as facilities onshore grapple with an influx of Covid-19 patients.

New York is gearing up for the virus fight as President Donald Trump faces criticism over his handling of the crisis, which he has repeatedly dismissed with comparisons to the seasonal flu.

In recent days he has again compared the epidemic to influenza and questioned the necessity of tough quarantine measures to stop its spread by saying such drastic efforts were not taken in response to car crashes or flu outbreaks.

Trump's coronavirus task force earlier this month recommended people avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 and eschew eating in restaurants for a 15-day period in order to blunt the virus's spread.

But the President has attracted controversy by saying he wants to open the U.S. economy for business again by Easter.

The leader said he would listen to advice from public health professionals before making a decision.

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