Flu jab for over 50s: Can you get a flu jab for free if you’re 50 to 65?

Each year the seasonal flu resurfaces, infecting millions during the winter months. While many people will feel under the weather for a few days and recover, others are susceptible to developing severe illness from the flu.

Due to this, the NHS recommends certain groups for the flu vaccine from the autumn onwards.

The vaccine is free to these groups of people, and this can be for those over a certain age, with existing health conditions or health workers.

The Government has this year pledged to vaccinate 30 million people, which is double the 15 million given the jab in 2019.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in July he wants "everybody to get a flu jab" following concerns from experts of the combined impact of COVID-19 cases and seasonal flu.

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Can you get a flu jab for free if you're 50 to 65?

The number of people who are eligible for a free flu jab has increased this year.

Typically those aged 65 and over are given priority, alongside people of any age who are pregnant, have medical conditions and young children.

Also eligible for the flu jab are those aged 50 to 64 in an ‘at-risk' group from coronavirus.

However, Mr Johnson pledged in July to extend the flu vaccine to those over the age of 50 once those who are shielding, school children up to Year 7 and pregnant women are vaccinated.

Speaking to reporters at the time Mr Johnson said: "We want everybody to get a flu jab in the run-up to this winter and that's why we're rolling out the biggest ever programme of flu immunisation.

"And we're aiming first of all for schoolchildren up to Year 7, for pregnant women, for people over 65, for people who are shielded, but then we will be extending it to people who are 50 to 65.

"Now the reason for doing this is to protect the NHS in the winter months because obviously we have still got covid, we have still got the threat of a second spike on covid and it's vital therefore to keep that pressure off the NHS by everybody getting a flu jab and I really hope everybody will."

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Where can you get the flu jab?

You can organise the flu jab through your doctor if you are eligible for the free NHS vaccine.

Pharmacies are also offering the jab, and some midwives may offer it to pregnant women.

If you do not fit the criteria, you can get the flu jab privately for up to £20.

You can book this through most pharmacies, including Boots, Lloyds, Superdrug and supermarket pharmacies such as Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda.

For those who have already had the flu jab last year, you should get the injection again this year.

The flu is constantly evolving, meaning the vaccine last year will not protect against this year's virus.

This means those eligible for the jab should get one every year in the autumn before flu season begins. 

Symptoms of the flu

Symptoms of the flu include

a sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or abovean aching bodyfeeling tired or exhausteda dry cougha sore throata headachedifficulty sleepingloss of appetitediarrhoea or tummy painfeeling sick and being sick

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