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Is Beyoncé Doing A Las Vegas Residency For $1 Million Per Show?

Has Beyoncé signed on to do a Las Vegas residency? A tabloid is falsely alleging that the singer will be heading to The Strip for a series of concerts. Gossip Cop can debunk the report. According to a bogus article in Heat in December, the singer was planning to follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears, and Celine Dion and star in her own Vegas residency. The outlet even reported Beyoncé was offered $1 million per show was certain it had exclusive knowledge of this purported run of shows. "Bey doesn't need the money, but she's been offered to play in one of the most prestigious venues, it would be stupid to turn that down," a supposed "insider" told the publication. This suspicious source was sure that while the singer was mum on the topic, the shows were happening, saying "Nothing has been finalized yet, which is why her team is denying it, but it would be easy money for her and a lot less complicated than doing another world tour." The alleged insider explained that since Beyoncé is a mother of three, and she lives in Los Angeles, getting to Las Vegas, "isn't exactly hard". The story is a complete fabrication, however. The singer's rep has denied there will be a residency, for one. The alleged source also told the paper the entertainer would announce the concert dates within the first half of 2020. Given the current circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic, most events like this supposed one are being canceled, so it's reasonable to expect Beyoncé wouldn't be announcing the run, even if this story were true, which it's not, and it won't be even when life returns to normal. Heat has a sketchy history of assuming how much celebrities would be getting paid for certain projects. Take, for instance, a bogus article about Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars from Friends that Gossip Cop debunked last year. The paper claimed in June 2019 that Aniston and the rest of the cast were demanding $20 million to do a Friends reunion. A mysterious source told the outlet, "They already make a lot from the reruns, plus they got a huge bonus last year from Netflix. But they're still not budging until they get $20 million each – something that reflects how big the project would be." Gossip Cop busted this story after checking with multiple sources within the cast members’ camps that told us the story wasn't true. Earlier this year, a reunion was announced, though no numbers were released, it’s unlikely they’re making $20 each for the program. Gossip Cop has also busted other tabloids for poor reporting on Las Vegas residencies. Earlier this month, we busted a story in the Globe about Gwen Stefani's Just A Girl residency in Vegas. The tabloid alleged that Stefani was canceling her Las Vegas shows because she was expecting a baby with Blake Shelton. A "source" told the outlet the singer was experiencing a "rare and extreme case" of morning sickness and Shelton was "concerned" about her health. It was true that Stefani canceled her shows, but we checked in with a source close to Stefani and Shelton who insisted it wasn't pregnant because she was pregnant, she was simply under the weather. Source
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