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Jennifer Aniston Wants Her And Brad Pitt To Go ‘On A Break’?

Jennifer Aniston does not want to “take a break” from Brad Pitt. This week, a tabloid is pushing that story, but it’s not true – they’re not even dating. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Another day, another Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston story

According to the latest Heat, Pitt and Aniston have “pressed pause on their budding reunion” partially due to self-isolation amid coronavirus, but also because of an alleged “lack of trust.” The long-winded article starts off by bringing up Pitt’s recent outings with his friend Alia Shawkat, which the tabloid seems to interpret as being romantic — another rumor Gossip Cop has dispelled. Aniston, according to an “insider” supposedly close to her, is now “furious” that Pitt is “seemingly still playing the field.”

“Jen has told Brad that they’re on a break until he knows what he wants,” the so-called insider continues. “She’s told him that she’s too old to be played, and he’s too old to be a player.” The tabloid goes on to say that now that they’re engaging in self-isolation apart from each other, Aniston “decided it’s the perfect time to cool things down and let Brad think about what he really wants.”

It was all based on an old joke

This entire narrative has seemingly been written with the sole purpose of referencing the “we were on a break” running joke from Friends. In fact, Jennifer Aniston has not put things on hold with Brad Pitt, because at no point were they in the process of rekindling their romance. Gossip Cop finds it all laughable.

Brad Pitt isn’t dating Alia Shawkat either

So many elements of this story are untrue. First, though the tabloids seem to think otherwise, Shawkat and Pitt are not dating. They’re just friends. Second, while we certainly hope that Pitt and Aniston are staying safe by practicing social distancing, the public health directive is not forcing a breakup between the two actors. Gossip Cop reached out to a trusted source close to the situation who dismissed the claim as totally bogus. They can’t be “on a break” because there’s simply no relationship to take a break from.

The One That Got Away… from the tabloids

It’s clear that Heat really wants Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt to get back together, but unfortunately, any news of rekindled romance remains within the collective imagination of the supermarket tabloids. We at Gossip Cop are always kept busy by the constant slew of phony “Brad/Jen” rumors, like Woman’s Day’s ridiculous claim that the two were planning a double wedding alongside Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid or all the different stories about how Pitt and Aniston are totally adopting a child together. None of these claims are true, obviously. Unfortunately for the tabloids, it looks like the Pitt/Aniston romance will always be their “one that got away.” 

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