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Jeremy Clarkson reveals heartwarming plan to help elderly amid COVID 19

The Grand Tour host has been working on a new TV series where he looks into farming. The show has the working title "I Bought The Farm" and sees Jeremy Clarkson grow his own produce and open his own farm shop.

The former Top Gear host has seen filming cease amid the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK.

Mr Clarkson currently has stockpiled tonnes of potatoes as a result of shooting the series.

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He plans to give them to the elderly in the village near his farm should the pandemic worsen.

Currently, elderly people are considered ‘high risk' for infection, and must remain indoors.

Speaking on DriveTribe on Youtube, he said:"The farm shop is shut for reasons that you'll see when the show airs on Amazon.

"But I can show you the inside since it's been all over social media.

"Some people have been hoarding lavatory rolls, I know that, I've seen it. "

The presenter said "I've been hoarding something else," as he revealed sacks of potatoes ready for sale.

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Mr Clarkson continued: "I think when self-isolation really kicks in, and the older people in the village are really struggling, I'll give all the potatoes away to them.

"So they won't have grown for nothing, they're not just going to rot.

"Someone said this morning they've been to a supermarket just up the road, and you literally cannot buy a single potato up there.

"So what these are are muddy gold.

"I think I've got about 10 tonnes left so there's plenty to go around."

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The presenter has been working on his new series in Chipping Norton, in Oxfordshire.

His ‘Diddly Squat' spuds have been sold on roadside.

He previously has cheekily invited shoppers to "panic buy" from his farm shop.

He wrote: "Only potatoes on offer. Panic buyers welcome.

"Don't get out of your car... maintain minimum safe distance, it's cash only.

"And no you can't have a f** selfie."

The UK is currently deep in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic.

The nation currently has 25,150 confirmed cases of the highly infectious virus.

Of those infected, 1,789 have died according to the governments statistics.

The county is currently in lockdown, as ordered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to ‘delay' the spread of the virus.

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