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Katie Holmes, Justin Theroux Going On Secret Dates?

Are Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux going on secret dates? That's the claim from a tabloid this week. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and can declare it false.

Woman's Day reported this week that Holmes and Theroux were "hotter than hot for each other." The outlet noted that it’d covered the "blossoming romance" four months ago in November. It wasn’t the first publication to comment on the supposed romance, though. Star wrote about the two's "first date" in October 2019. They used an anonymous "insider" for their information, but Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes' spokesperson for clarification, who told us, "Katie doesn't know Justin," which refutes the tale of "a secret four-hour tête-a-tête in a New York restaurant” that this outlet referenced both in November and again this week.

Regardless, the tabloid pushed forward with its narrative, quoting an "insider" who told them, "Things have certainly stepped up a notch or two," since the supposed October date. "They've become extremely close and given they're both lovers of their home city of New York, they're enjoying sharing their favorite spots with one another. They've been sneaking around the city inconspicuously, which they could never do in Los Angeles," the suspicious tipster added. For example, the so-called "source" says, they've visited Holmes' favorite bookstore and Theroux took her to a friend's art exhibition.

According to the source, things are starting to get serious because Holmes introduced her daughter, Suri, to Theroux, "which was a huge step and a definite sign that this is something serious," the suspicious source claimed. All this is, is proof that this publication doesn't read their own articles. In their November piece, they made the exact same claim. Has he been introduced twice?

The stories obviously don’t match, as this time, the source claims that Holmes "tried to keep things cool for Suri and has told her they're just good friends," but that wasn't what the outlet claimed the last time they wrote about this "couple.” In the previous article, the outlet’s source asserted that Suri actually "convinced her mom to go for it." So which is the truth? That Holmes is keeping the true nature of her relationship with Theroux secret from Suri or that Suri is fully aware and cheering them on? There is no consensus because this story is totally bogus.

Based on all the information above, the clear contradictions, and the previous answer from Holmes' rep, Gossip Cop deemed this story to be false. The outlet is only pushing the two together because they are both famous actors who went through very public divorces. The fact that they both live in New York is no reason to assume they're intertwined romantically.

Tabloids have no insight whatsoever into Holmes' romantic relationships, but that doesn't stop the unreliable publications from inventing stories about her. Woman's Day, in particular, is a repeat bad actor Just a few weeks ago, it claimed earlier this month that Holmes had hooked up with Lenny Kravitz. Gossip Cop reached out once more to Holmes' rep, who literally laughed off the claims. Maybe that’s why the tabloid went back to making up stories about Holmes and Theroux. Honesty is not this outlet's strong point, apparently.

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