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Miranda Lambert Reveals How She’s Dealing With Coronavirus Anxiety

Inner peace. Miranda Lambert is finding ways to cope with her growing anxiety over the coronavirus outbreak.

The "All Kinds of Kind" singer, 36, revealed on Instagram that she's keeping herself busy with a number of activities, including farm work and virtual happy hours, to manage her stress over the pandemic, which has claimed nearly 1,600 lives in the U.S., with more than 102,000 people testing positive, according to CNN.

"I haven't really known what to say on social media during all this," she began on Friday, March 27. "I'm not great at socials anyway and a time like this makes it that much more difficult for me to figure out how to be. Tuesday of this week is when I finally realized I could unpack."


Lambert — who cut short her Wildcard tour — continued, "For the next few months for me there are no shows, no sound checks, no bus calls, no flights. Just home. Once I processed it, I actually got a feeling of peace even though , like all of us, my anxiety about the sate of the world right now is still through the roof."

The "Over You" songstress went on to dish about work she is doing around her farm that she previously "kept running from because I had to leave for work and some I've wanted to run from because organization is not my fav [sic]."

"I've been having some pretty cool virtual happy hours with friends and family," she captioned the photo series, which included photos of herself, her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, their dogs, farm animals and bottles of wine. "Brendan and I have been cooking, cleaning, working out (some virtual classes but not enough @b.w.fitness @willowpilatesstudio 😬) spending time with dogs and horses and just being together quietly."

Lambert added that she has written new music during her time off and thanked Jesus for the sun being out. She also opened up about the arrival of her friend's newborn son, Finn, who she could only see "through a screen for now."

"I wish I was there in person," she continued. "We miss our road family, New York family and I dang sure miss my Texas fam. … Sending love from home. love mom and dad (be safe). I do feel safe now knowing that even though they are over 600 miles away I'm connected to all of them. Sending light to all the first responders and health care workers. Stay home. Call home."

Lambert joins several other celebrities, including Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, Tom Hanks, Nikki Bella, Ciara and more, who are self-quarantining due to COVID-19. The respiratory illness first surfaced in the Wuhan, Hubei province in China, and has surpassed 600,000 cases worldwide.

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