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Mum says goodbye to kids on walkie-talkie just before dying from coronavirus

A mum-of-six who beat breast cancer had to say goodbye to her children over a walkie-talkie just before she died from coronavirus.

Sundee Rutter, 42, spoke to all for of her six children through the device, which was set up on her pillow.

She also said goodbye to her sister and mum, with all the family gathered outside her hospital room in Washington, US.

The single mum died of Covid-19 on March 16, less than two weeks after she first fell ill.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Elijah Ross-Rutter, Sundee's fourth-oldest child, said: "I told her I love her... She shouldn't worry about the kids."

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When Sundee originally went to the doctors she was told she did not have the virus, her best friend Jessica Harris said.

She self-isolated at home for four days before being admitted to Providence Regional Medical Center in Washington on March 7.

Her family said the mother probably thought she had the flu but developed serious breathing issues.

Sundee, whose husband died in 2012, leaved behind six children aged between 13 and 24.

Her son Mr Ross-Rutter, 20, said he was initially allowed to see his mum in hospital while wearing a face mask.

However, by the time of her death no visitors were allowed in her room.

Mr Ross-Rutter added "She thought she had the flu, probably.

"But like, the coronavirus? It was kind of hard for us to understand how she could get it because not that many people had it around here."

When she went into hospital, medics told the family they were keeping her there overnight to treat her for pneumonia.

The next day she tested positive for coronavirus, her son said.

A GoFundMe page for the mother's children has already gathered £232,194 in donations.

The money will go towards a house for the family, her eldest son 24-year-old Tyree Rutter said.

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