Huawei Mate 30

No American parts in Huawei Mate 30

No American parts in Huawei Mate 30

But Huawei hasn’t stopped consuming US components completely users of smartphones across the globe are well aware of the rage that Donald Trump has expressed against Huawei Technologies. The extent of the Trump administration’s sanctions targeting Huawei became clear to all smartphone users, but here the question arose that whether the Chinese telecoms giant would be able to create a smartphone without American components in the future. The answer, according to a new statement which appeared on The Wall Street Journal, is actually yes.

An analysis by UBS and Fomalhaut Techno Solutions claims that Huawei’s Mate 30 has no American parts at all in its structure and design. It seems that the Chinese giant now has searched non-American suppliers for several crucial components. For example, Huawei is now sourcing audio amplifiers from the Netherlands’ NXP rather than American Cirrus Logic. The company is now relying completely on its own HiSilicon semiconductor division for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips rather than American Broadcom. The Chinese giant has collaborated with other companies like Japan’s Murata and Taiwan’s MediaTek for the parts previously supplied by US manufacturers.

Huawei has a clear fondness to continue to buy components from the U.S. supply partners, a company representative told this to WSJ. “If it still proves impossible because of the choices made by US government, we will have no choice but to find a substitute supply from non-US sources.”

Huawei hasn’t been able to separate itself of the US suppliers completely, even though it is being banned from doing business with most of them. The company claimed it had been hoarding components in expectation of sanctions, and separate teardowns disclose that some latest devices are still dependent on American parts. TechInsights, for example, presents that the higher-end Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G utilizes chips from Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.

There could be many reasons; apparently Huawei would want to use the chips it has already saved in the expectation of the current scenario. It’s also not surprising that the company is now making big moves to diversify its supply chain. What the UBS report actually demonstrates, on the other hand, is that Huawei is completely capable of manufacturing high-end smartphones without American suppliers. Now here the question arises; would anyone outside China will buy these smartphones.

No American parts in Huawei Mate 30
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