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Rob Lowe’s Son John Lowe Celebrates 2 Years of Being Sober

Something to celebrate! Rob Lowe's youngest son, John Lowe, opened up about his journey to sobriety on social media two years after he stopped drinking.

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"I haven't been vocal about my sobriety on here just because I felt it was something I wanted to keep personal, but I had a change of heart today," John, 25, wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, April 1. "Two years in and I am more grateful than ever to have a community of support and friends who continue to build me up and hold me accountable."

The Holiday in the Wild actor shared a side-by-side photo of himself drinking a bottle of wine from 2018 and an image of his current sobriety chart. The wine picture was captioned, "Life is short, blow it," whereas the "Twelve Steps" image counted John's success in his journey against alcoholism.

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"Making the decision to change your life is difficult at any age, but as a young person I hope that I can be a small example that it is possible and that things really do get SO MUCH BETTER," the California native continued.

The Lowe Files star noted that it's "an incredibly strange and tense" time right now in the world before paying special attention to the "addicts who are looking for help" amid the coronavirus crisis and are "having a hard time finding it."

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"If this is the case and you're reading this, reach out to someone: a friend, a family member, me… and go online and find a ZOOM AA meeting and JUMP IN!! Love you all," he concluded. "Life doesn't have to be short and we don't have to blow it!"

John's father, who has been sober for 30 years as of May 2020, was quick to support his son after he shared his story online.

"I have never been more proud," Rob, 56, wrote via Instagram. "Your hard work is an inspiration. Keep Coming Back."

The 9-1-1: Lone Star actor gave up drinking at the age of 26 on May 10, 1990.

"Thank you to all those who have inspired me on this wonderful, challenging and life-changing journey," the Parks and Recreation alum wrote via Instagram in May 2019, as he celebrated 29 years of being alcohol free.

Rob-Lowe-Working-With-His-Son-JohnJohn Owen Lowe and Rob Lowe Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock

He added: "If you, or someone you know, are struggling with alcohol or addiction, there CAN be a future of hope, health and happiness. And it comes one day at a time. #recovery #ItWorks."

Rob shares sons John and Matthew, 27, with his wife of nearly 30 years, Sheryl Berkoff.

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