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‘Spoilt’ Meghan and Harry left UK after wanting MORE than Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their exit back in January after speaking out about their hardships during their time in the spotlight. However, many experts claim Harry and Meghan simply wanted to more opportunities than being in the Royal Family allowed them to take up. Some experts have said the problems which lead to Megxit began all the way back in September 2018. ITV's Royal editor Chris ship recalled the time he saw Meghan Markle speak at a royal engagement shortly after her wedding to Prince Harry, noting just how different this was to anything seen before. He said: "In September 2018, four months after her wedding to Prince Harry, I watched the Duchess of Sussex speak at an engagement in central London. "I've seen many royal engagements since I started this job, but this one was different. "We were standing in a marquee in the grounds of Kensington Palace - where, at that time, Harry and Meghan were still living. "...In this marquee on that September afternoon, Meghan led the way. Harry took a back seat." "This was her project." He recalled Meghan's use of her "fame" and "royal connections" in launching a cookbook written by the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen at the Al Mannar Mosque near Grenfell. However, many royal experts have previously said that the Duchess' LA connections and lifestyle is a large part of her leaving the Royal Family. Some royal insiders have claimed that Harry and Meghan could not be satisfied and just wanted more. One spoke of how the Sussexes were given their own home at Frogmore, their own Household separate from William and Kate, their own staff, a new hand-picked Communications Secretary, a new Private Secretary, their own offices at Buckingham Palace, more money for the work they wanted to do and their own charitable Foundation to create projects which meant so much to the couple. Some have even branded the couple "spoilt" over the move, with Meghan already bagging herself a new movie role before the official exit was made. Many have even suggested the Queen would be "disappointed" and "saddened" by the move, especially with her great grandson Archie now growing up overseas. Now, royal biographer Angela Levin, who wrote the book titled ‘Harry: Conversations with the Prince' said she can now "barely recognise" the Duke of Sussex. The royal expert branded Meghan and Harry "self-centred" amid the timing of their recent personal announcements which came just days before they cease being senior working members of the Royal Family. Ms Levin wrote in Fashion magazine Tatler: "It is profoundly sad but true that with each week that passes Harry and Meghan's behaviour is becoming increasingly self-centred. "One would imagine that on the last days of being royal — today they officially relinquish their duties on behalf on the Queen — that they would be gracious and dignified. "Instead, they released the news that they have quit Commonwealth country Canada, for the starrier Los Angeles, and that Meghan will voice a Disney documentary about elephants. "Their choice of priorities smacks more of spoilt defiant teenagers than adults in their mid and late thirties. "I see a Harry who has turned sour, callous even and is obviously stressed. "Although I barely recognise him I still believe that internally he is tearing himself into shreds about leaving his family, his country and his military connections." This comes after ITV reported that during their documentary with Meghan and Prince Harry, where he admitted to difficulties in his relationship with his brother and an on-going battle with his mental health, the couple had already decided to leave. Meghan claimed she hadn't been supported and was fighting an unfair fight with the media. Tom Bradby who conducted the interviews concluded that the Sussexes had already decided to step down when filming. Source
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