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The Truth About Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Getting Married

The world has been waiting to see Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton tie the knot. So much so that the tabloids are constantly writing about a wedding between the two. Gossip Cop has set the record numerous times about these stories being untrue. Here are the top rumors we debunked about the couple.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s ‘Wedding of the Year’

The first bust happened in June 2019, when Star claimed that Stefani and Shelton were planning the "wedding of the year". The alleged ceremony would cost $2 million and only have 200 guests, including Stefani's children and the couple's parents. "They'll fly people in via private jets, and all of their celeb pals will be there, including Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and Adam Levine, who'll serve as Blake's best man," a supposed insider told the publication. The source went on to add oddly specific details such as Stefani "hiring a top Michelin-star L.A. chef for a five-course sit-down feast, and she's insisting that everything be organic".

Gossip Cop dismissed this narrative by pointing out that not only did the insider not mention when the wedding would take place, but the story sounded too similar to previous reports. Furthermore, how could an "insider" know such intricate details but have no idea when the date is?

Then they supposedly had a “quiet” wedding

It didn't stop other sites from following suit with the same story. In October 2019, Life & Style wrote that during a camping trip for Stefani's birthday, she and Shelton quietly married. The magazine stated the two got hitched in a "hush-hush" ceremony in the woods, with a source adding, "Gwen thought she was just going camping for her birthday with Blake, but what she got turned out to be the surprise of a lifetime." The questionable source explained Shelton got helped from his partner's friends and family members. As romantic as this sounded, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirmed it was 100 percent fabricated.

Next, Gwen Stefani allegedly delayed their wedding

The tabloids continued to get more creative with the idea, with the next one being the National Enquirer with a story saying that Gwen Stefani was delaying a wedding to Blake Shelton. The magazine shared this story a week after Life & Style but offered a different spin. The outlet alleged that Shelton was "down in the dumps" after officiating the wedding of Trace Adkins and Victoria Pratt and was desperate to marry Stefani. The publication claimed the country singer had a "dream wedding" in mind but things kept getting "pushed back". The story couldn't be further from the truth. The outlet just rehashed an old story Gossip Cop busted in March 2019, which claimed Stefani was visiting the pope to get permission to marry Shelton.

And after that, Blake Shelton “quietly proposed”

In January 2020, OK! Australia joined in on the bandwagon, publishing a story that Shelton and Stefani were finally engaged and planning a $3 million wedding. An unidentified tipster told the magazine Blake Shelton "quietly proposed" to the singer during the holiday season. The suspicious source goes on to state the couple wanted to keep the engagement quiet but"they decided Christmas morning would be the perfect time to share the news with their family and close friends". As for the "$3 million wedding,” the couple supposedly was planning, the tabloid gave specific information about the wedding, including the design of Gwen Stefani's dress and where the reception would be.

Gossip Cop wasted no time putting this over-imaginative story to rest. Shelton himself even stated that should an engagement be announced, it won't be through a tabloid but a more reliable outlet. We're just as certain the couple will marry sometime soon, but we're positive that the time comes the news will be delivered from more credible sources.

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