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Truth About Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi’s ‘Marriage Problems’

Being a high-profile couple means the tabloids are relentless hounding couples and claiming strife in their relationship. That can definitely be said for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Over the years Gossip Cop has debunked many stories about the two's marriage and their supposed problems. Here are some of those rumors we set straight.

Last November, a ridiculous story was published by the National Enquirer about the couple. The outlet alleged DeGeneres and de Rossi splitting because DeGeneres kissed longtime pal, Jennifer Aniston on her talk show. The magazine got a tip from an anonymous "friend" of DeGeneres who said the host was smitten with Aniston after the kiss. The supposed insider explained, "This is a big issue for Portia, and you have to wonder how much more controversy the marriage can take".

There was some truth to the story. DeGeneres did share a kiss with Aniston on her talk show. However, the whole situation was just a joke between friends. The tabloid took the silly moment and invented a dramatic – and false – story around it. Still, Gossip Cop did make sure to check with a rep for the pair who just laughed at the absurd story.

Gossip Cop then debunked a story alleging DeGeneres and de Rossi were having problems because of Kevin Hart. Star wrote that the couple was at odds because DeGeneres allowed Hart to appear on her show after his old homophobic tweets resurfaced. While on the show, DeGeneres defended the comedian and asked the audience to look past his transgressions. The tabloid took this as an opportunity to create a false narrative to insinuate de Rossi was going to divorce her wife.

The story was easily dismissed by us and simply looking at de Rossi's Instagram page which featured a post of the couple horseback riding and lovingly holding hands. In fact, most of de Rossi's post shows the lovebirds in good spirits and happy together. However, the tabloids didn't let up on making it seem like the two were having issues.

Just this past January, Globe reversed angles and published a report that de Rossi and DeGeneres "saved their marriage" after living apart. The publication insisted that the spouses had a string of problems but "reignited the spark" back into their marriage. A suspicious insider claimed the couple had been "fighting like banshees" for a year, but had resolved to work on their "jealousy" and "bickering". Gossip Cop has busted various stories from the paper regarding the couple, and this one was no different.

As mentioned earlier, de Rossi has plenty of pictures on her social media dispelling any ideas that she and her wife were "living separate lives". DeGeneres also has shared sweet sentiments about her wife of 11 years. The television host posted a tribute for the couple's anniversary in August 2019. Unfortunately, the running theme of the two "fixing" their marriage didn't end here.

Star appeared under our radar again just a few days later, when it said DeGeneres and de Rossi had set "rules" to save their marriage. The outlet contended the two had a "recent rough patch" and were looking to "banish all negativity from their lives". A mysterious source added, "Its give and take, and they're making each other the priority now". Doesn’t that sound familiar? The outlet clearly took the same account from Globe and tried to put its own spin on it. Also, there hasn't been real evidence to support that any "fights" that supposedly happened.

The most recent rumor came from In Touch, earlier this month. The tabloid ran the headline, "Portia Moves Out" on it's the issue. The cover story elaborated that de Rossi moved into the couple's home in Montecito, California while DeGeneres was living in Los Angeles due to their "problems". The tabloid quoted an "insider" who insisted DeGeneres not wanting to retire and working more was the cause of everything. "Ellen tries to appease her by giving her whatever she wants, like funding her art company and buying any home Portia falls in love with. But they've reached the breaking point. Hopefully, some time apart will do them good," the supposed insider stated. The story was easily debunked by Gossip Cop.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the couple is still married and, frankly, acting like you’d expect a longtime married couple to act. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, DeGeneres and de Rossi have been quarantined inside like the rest of us and the couple shared a video following protocol and cooking dinner as DeGeneres showed off her latest Lego sets. It’s clear there is no trouble in this marriage.

The tabloids are desperate to see de Rossi and DeGeneres split up and won't stop at creating horrendous tales about them. Gossip Cop will continue to bust those stories, just as we’ve always done.

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