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Truth About Jared Leto Dating Brad Pitt’s Ex-Wives

If tabloids and gossip sites are to be believed, Jared Leto and Brad Pitt have the same taste in women. That's the only explanation that could explain why so many rumors of Leto dating Pitt's exes abound in the tabloids. Gossip Cop noticed the trend and compiled the juiciest stories here for your viewing pleasure.

Angelina Jolie, as Pitt's most recent ex-wife, is often linked to Leto in both the tabloids and on gossip sites. HollywoodLife reported that Jolie and Pitt frequently fought about Leto during their relationship. Jolie allegedly had a crush on her Girl, Interrupted and Alexander co-star, which led to tensions between her and Pitt. "Angelina knew Jared was a sore spot with Brad, so anytime she wanted to push his buttons she'd bring up Jared and talked about how much she loved working with him and how talented he is," snitched a supposed "insider" to the outlet.

"He was someone Brad was really threatened by," continued the source, "Brad always felt like he couldn't trust Angelina when it came to Jared." It didn't take long for Leto and Jolie to act on their mutual feelings after Pitt and Jolie's marriage hit the rocks, the source divulged. Leto "reached out to Angie after she filed divorce papers," and the two began "seeing each other whenever they can."

Gossip Cop looked into these rumors and determined they were 100 percent false. We reached out to our own impeccable sources close to all three stars and were assured that Jolie and Leto never dated and that Pitt never fought with his ex-wife about her relationship with Leto.

Despite all the evidence against such claims, HollywoodLife continued to report on Jolie's supposed past relationship with Leto. The webloid published an article claiming Leto and Jolie had dated years ago, before Pitt and Jolie were ever an item. "Jared and Angelina had a very casual relationship years and years ago, it was a ‘friends with benefits’ situation," a so-called "source" told the outlet. "It might have turned into more but Jared was too noncommittal at the time, he just wasn't ready to be with one woman, not even Angelina," the almost certainly phony tipster continued. "Then Brad came on the scene and she fell in love and that was that. I know Jared always had regrets about letting her slip away."

Of course none of these claims were ever written about at the time, so we're supposed to believe that a gossip site like HollywoodLies would get this huge scoop about two A-list actors carrying on a supposed casual relationship? That didn't make any sense to Gossip Cop when we originally debunked this story and it doesn't make any sense now. This story is laughably false.

Star is the latest tabloid to hop on the trend of pairing Leto with Jolie The outlet claimed Jolie began secretly dating Leto amid her divorce from Pitt in 2018. "Jared reached out to Angie a few weeks ago about a movie he's cowriting, which he'd like her to star in, and the pair started spending time together – initially as friends, but things turned romantic after Angie realized she had strong feelings," tattled a supposed "insider." Leto became a shoulder to lean on for Jolie during the divorce, adding "Jared's practically moved into Angie's house, and he's been staying there on and off for the last couple of months."

There was barely any work Gossip Cop had to do to debunk this story since the tabloid's sloppy writing came back to shoot them in the foot. The source claimed Leto first reached out to Jolie "a few weeks ago," but also noted that he'd been staying at her home "for the last couple of months." That timeline simply doesn’t add up and serves as the first red flag that this story isn’t what it seems. Several sources, which are much more reputable than Star, also confirmed Jolie had "no interest in dating" and was more focused on raising her six children.

Jolie isn't the only ex of Pitt's to be linked romantically with Leto. Pitt's ex wife, Jennifer Aniston, was also rumored to be interested in Leto. OK! reported that the Friends actress was back on the "Hollywood dating scene" shortly after her split from Justin Theroux. The outlet even listed some eligible bachelors Aniston allegedly had her eye on. Among them were Chris Evans, Orlando Bloom, and, of course, Leto. Friends of Aniston’s supposedly thought the two would make a good match because Aniston and Leto "have hung out before, and Jen thinks he's so cool," according to a suspicious source. "He seems like a tortured artist but is really nice," the tipster continued.

Gossip Cop highly doubted this outlet was telling the truth, especially because they were hiding behind an anonymous source for their information. We reached out to Aniston's spokesperson who denied the phony narrative the tabloid attempted to push on their readers. These publications aren't concerned with reporting the truth, they just want as many people as possible to read their phony stories.

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