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Truth About Lori Loughlin And Felicity Huffman Selling Their Stories About The College Admission Scandal

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin made headlines last spring as two of the highest-profile people involved in a nationwide college bribery scandal. The details of this conspiracy were salacious enough on their own, but clearly not enough for the tabloid media, who have spent the year since the scandal broke inventing stories about the actresses turning their experiences into books for profit. Here area few articles that Gossip Cop has debunked on this subject.

Shortly after the FBI charged Huffman and Loughlin among others with the conspiracy, Star ran a story in April claiming that multiple TV networks had offered Huffman millions of dollars to tell her story. Huffman, the tabloid’s anonymous source said, was excited for the chance to “stick up for [herself] while also making a fortune.” Gossip Cop reached out to a Huffman rep for comment, who confirmed that the story was entirely false. At that point, it should be noted, Huffman had not even formerly pled guilty to the fraud charges or received any sentencing.

In October, the National Enquirer and its copycat gossip site RadarOnline published identical articles about Loughlin demanding “big bucks” in exchange for a tell-all about her time in prison. The story was very plainly false. To be clear, the Full House actress hadn’t served any time in prison, had not been sentenced at the time and will not even begin her trial until next October, so a tell-all about her life behind bars seems extremely premature. As Gossip Cop pointed out, demanding a book deal about her future prison time would be tantamount to an admission of guilt on her part.

Just a few weeks later, OK! published a similarly fabricated story about Huffman keeping a prison journal to one day turn into a book and a movie. “She’s already been assured it will earn millions,” a supposed “insider” told the tabloid, “which is just as well because she has a ton of legal bills to pay.” Gossip Cop checked in with a trusted source close to the Desperate Housewives star, who assured us the rumor was entirely fictitious. But you don’t have to have an insider on the line to know this story is ridiculous: Huffman served a whopping 14 days in prison for her role in the scandal. We doubt anyone’s going to pay millions of dollars to hear about that.

Most recently, Globe ran a particularly spiteful story in February alleging  Loughlin was writing a revenge book about the Hollywood stars who have shunned her since the scandal broke. Celebrities including Lena Dunham and James Van Der Beek were said to be on the actress’ “hit list,” with a shady tipster promising “lots of juicy tidbits on all her former friends.” Just to be clear, the stars the tabloid names don’t actually appear to have been friends with Loughlin – they’re just some of many who had publicly mocked the scandal.  A Loughlin spokesperson told Gossip Cop the claim was “ridiculous,” as she was busy focusing on her legal case.

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