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Truth About Renée Zellweger’s Romantic Pursuits

There's nothing tabloids hate more than an actress who's single, which might be why they're constantly pairing Renée Zellweger up with the closest available actor. Multiple tabloids are guilty of spreading rumors about Zellweger's romantic relationships. Gossip Cop noticed a pattern in the way the Judy actress is reported about in these outlets and compiled all the times they reported on her love life.

In September 2019, NW reported that Renée Zellweger was interested in dating Brad Pitt. An alleged insider told the outlet that she "thinks Brad is looking hotter than ever" and she's "desperate to get to know him properly." With all the Oscar buzz surrounding her Judy Garland biopic, Zellweger was "praying they both get nominated this year so she can mingle with him at parties," added the so-called "source." Somehow, this seemingly imaginary source also had insight into how Pitt felt about Zellweger, tattling, "He definitely thinks she's smoking — so if Renée made a play, he wouldn't turn her away."

This tale seemed phony to Gossip Cop, so we reached out to Zellweger's rep, who colorfully commented, "Who comes up with this [expletive]?" That was all the confirmation we needed to debunk this bogus story.

Next up is Woman's Day, who reported last December that Renée Zellweger was developing a romance with Colin Firth. Since Firth's split from Livia Giuggioli, his wife of 22 years, Zellweger had been "Colin's rock over the last few months amid his marriage breakdown," according to a seemingly phony source. "She's been jetting back and forth to London to comfort him and even staying at his home on many visits. There's always been a strong connection and chemistry between the pair, but of course they've both been in relationships," the almost certainly fake tipster continued.

Renée Zellweger herself had gone through a breakup earlier that year from musician Doyle Bramhall II, which the source claimed the actress took as a sign "that the stars are finally aligning for her and Colin after all these years — she's hoping he'll admit his feelings for her." Alas, none of this is true.

Gossip Cop investigated the claims within the article and determined them all to be false. The outlet seemingly concocted this story out of thin air since the Bridget Jones' Diary co-stars found themselves single at the same time and they once played on-screen love interests. There was no evidence that the two were close or that Firth leaned on Zellweger during his marriage problems. We also reached out to a source close to the situation who informed us that the entire premise of the story was totally untrue. This story reads more like fan fiction than real life.

That same publication published an article this January claiming Zellweger was in a "love triangle" with Firth and Tom Cruise. If the tabloid is to be believed, Zellweger had flown to the UK several times to spend time with her Jerry Maguire co-star while he filmed a movie in town. The purpose of those trips was to spend time with Cruise while also getting "away from the painful memories in Los Angeles," after her aforementioned breakup, a source snitched to the outlet.

The suspicious insider continued, "Tom's recently revealed he's got feelings for her and is keen to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a mom. After years of fighting off the chemistry and love they both have for one another, he's open to adopting a child with her." This confession has left Zellweger feeling as if her "heart is torn," as she still has feelings for Firth after allegedly helping him through his marital issues. "Renée's yearning to have a child and that's something Colin has made clear he can't help her with. So pals have urged her to pursue Tom in the hope she'll fulfill her dream of having a family," the tipster revealed.

Gossip Cop learned that everything about this story is completely false during our investigation. Cruise hasn't filmed in the UK since Mission: Impossible — Fallout over two years ago. We'd already debunked the Renée Zellweger/Colin Firth portion of the "love triangle," but we still reached out to Zellweger's rep, who's qualified to speak on her behalf, for confirmation. The rep laughed off the wild claims in the article and let us know Zellweger was not involved in a love triangle with her former co-stars.

Woman's Day apparently can't get enough speculation about Zellweger's romantic life, since they once again wrote about the actress in February. The outlet claimed that Zellweger had a sleepover with Bradley Cooper after the Oscars earlier that month. Cooper and Zellweger had previously dated from 2009 until they called it quits in 2011. They ran into each other once again at the Academy Awards, where they were photographed engaged in friendly conversation. That wasn't all that happened, according to a source that spoke to the publication. "Things became extremely flirtatious as the evening went on," tattled a so-called "insider." "Renée went back to Bradley's Pacific Palisades mansion and apparently they stayed up talking until 4am. She was on a high the next day and told pals that Bradley's adamant he's a changed man and wants to pick up where they left off."

This couldn't be further from the truth, Gossip Cop discovered. Their friendly chat at the Oscars was just that, a friendly chat between exes. We contacted a source close to Bradley Cooper who assured us that the Silver Linings Playbook actor only talked to his ex. Once again, Renée Zellweger's rep laughed off the report. These outlets have exactly zero insight into Zellweger's romantic life, which they keep proving time and time again.

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