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What Happened To Katie Holmes Moving Back Home With Her Parents?

Katie Holmes did not move in with her parents, despite a report in a tabloid from a year ago. The outlet claimed Holmes was moving home because she had broken up with Jamie Foxx. Now, exactly 365 days later, it's even more clear that this was a bogus tale Gossip Cop debunked.

On March 31, 2019, Woman's Day published a story implicating Holmes was "heartbroken" and moving back in with her parents. The tabloid stated that after wrapping up her film, The Boy 2, Holmes did not go visit Foxx but instead returned to her apartment to pack her bags. A "so-called" insider told the outlet, "Katie thought she'd found the perfect person when Jamie came into her life, but when Jamie declared he was single, it proved that they're on different pages."

The supposed source continued, "It's no surprise Katie's turned to her family for support," adding that Holmes was having a "hard time" landing roles and had to "watch her wallet".

Everything about this narrative was false. Even though the phony source insisted Holmes was broke, she had completed several projects at the time. Two of those films are set to be released later this year. This was proof that the tabloid had no reliable information about the actress's financial status.

As for her relationship with Foxx, they are no longer together. However, when this story came out, the two were still in a relationship. A more credible outlet, Harpers Bazaar, reported that Holmes and Foxx broke up in May 2019. That was two months after this story came out. Even though Holmes nor Fox publicly commented on their split, it's clear that it wasn't due to what this sketchy publication alluded to.

Woman's Day had a history of creating dubious tales on Holmes' relationship with Foxx. Gossip Cop busted a piece insinuating that Holmes was 9 months pregnant with Foxx's child. This story wasn't true. Given that this article was published in May 2018, the alleged child would be almost two-years-old now. Clearly, the actress wasn’t pregnant as “reported” by the tabloid.

In December 2018,  Woman's Day falsely reported a similar story. The magazine contended Holmes and Foxx were adopting a daughter from New Orleans. The tabloid got its information from a "supposed" insider who claimed Foxx and Holmes were looking to adopt from that particular area after seeing so many kids that needed a home. Gossip Cop dismissed this report after checking with a source close to Foxx who confirmed it was untrue. The publication clearly had no insight to the couple’s relationship.

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