WhatsApp Getting Call Waiting Feature

WhatsApp Getting Call Waiting Feature on Android, without Call Holding

WhatsApp Getting Call Waiting Feature on Android, without Call Holding

WhatsApp has received an update for its Android app which offers a highly useful feature – call waiting. As the name suggests, this feature signals users about receiving a WhatsApp call when they are already in the middle of another WhatsApp call. Users can now choose to either decline the new call or disconnect the ongoing WhatsApp call to accept the other one. However, it must be considered that this is not the same feature as putting a call on hold since two users can't be on the same line at the same time. The feature is now available for both Android and the iPhone.

The latest WhatsApp update (for both the beta as well as established Android channels), brings the call waiting feature. It is now accessible via the Google Play Store. The changelog also declares the introduction of improved group privacy settings and the fingerprint unlock support for the app. We can confidently say that the call waiting feature on WhatsApp is now accessible in version 2.19.352 of the stable Android app, as well as version 2.19.357 and version 2.19.358 of the beta app.

In case if a user hasn't received the update yet, he can download the stable build from APKMirror. During late November, WhatsApp v2.19.120 for iOS introduced the call waiting for feature together with a redesigned Chat screen, along with a feature to quickly send your messages directly from the Braille keyboard when using Voiceover mode.

Working of WhatsApp call waiting Feature

During past times, when Android users received a WhatsApp call in midst of another WhatsApp call, the incoming call used to routinely disconnect and the users would see a missed call notification when the first call ended. But after the update, users can select to pick up the incoming call while talking with another person.

The incoming call UI in WhatsApp now presents a green ‘End & Accept' button together with the ‘Decline' button. If you press the red ‘Decline' button, the incoming call will be declined and you can carry on with your current call. But, if you tap on the ‘End & Accept' button, the ongoing call will be detached so that you can take the new call.
WhatsApp does not permit the user to put the second incoming call on hold or to connect with two people on the line at the same time. The user either selects to continue with the ongoing WhatsApp call or reject it in order to accept the second incoming call.

This new WhatsApp update also marks a significant step relevant to the updated group privacy feature that permits the users to decide who can add them to a WhatsApp call. You can check on your own by following this path: Account > Privacy > Groups in the settings menu. The changelog of the new stable and beta WhatsApp updates also indicates the arrival of the fingerprint lock feature for the app which was declared back in October. Users can activate this feature by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.

WhatsApp Getting Call Waiting Feature on Android, without Call Holding
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