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World Surf Champion Gabriel Medina Dishes on His New Favorite Cologne

Gabriel Medina x Deep Blue CampaignGabriel Medina. Brian De Pinto
If you've ever wondered what two-time World Surf Champion Gabriel Medina smells like, you're in for some good news! Us Weekly has the answer thanks to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics front-runner himself. The 26-year-old surfing pro likely smells like ocean salt at least 50% of the time, but when he's not in the water, the Polo Blue brand partner is sporting the new Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum ($105 for 4.2 oz). As part of his partnership with the beloved American brand, he starred in a must-see campaign video featuring unbelievable surfing footage and equally as important shirtless moments.
Gabriel Medina x Deep Blue CampaignRalph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum.
"The campaign was shot in Tahiti, which is my favorite surf spot because it is home to some of the world's most powerful and perfect waves," the Brazil native exclusive tells Us Weekly. "It was amazing to shoot in such a natural setting that truly celebrates the power of the ocean." And the heartthrob wasn't alone in filming the production. "I also really enjoyed getting to collaborate with the other cast members – Simon Nessman, Leila Dee Thomas, Nate Gill and Corey Wilson – all of whom share my passion for the water." Polo Deep Blue is inspired by — you guessed it! — the ocean, comprising of unique notes such as crystalfizz, Hawaiian green mango and a mix of oils such as grapefruit, bergamot, cypress, geranium and clary sage. In Medina's words, it's "a refreshing scent that makes me feel energized." He added, "It reminds me of the intensity and power of the ocean." To align with the new scent's story, the cologne is housed inside of a blue glass bottle inspired by Medina-approved swells. Medina's worn cologne ever since he was a young boy and tells Us that he recalls using it on special occasions, such as "going to church in the evening with my parents." "I remember dressing up, ​​combing my hair and wearing cologne," he says, reflecting on his grooming routine as a young boy. Today, the surfer applies his fragrance one of two ways. "I spritz my wrist, then I spread it on my neck," the athlete explains to Us. "And sometimes I spray the air and walk into the scent." Source
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